Bernard Dillard | The Author
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The Author

About the Book

Winner of the Global eBook Award in the autobiography/memoir category, Lemonade chronicles the gripping story of Bernard Dillard’s tenuous journey to manhood, starting in North Carolina and ending in New York. The memoir, a coming-of-age story, highlights his persistence, faith, and triumph as he journeys through the maze of life.  Exposed to the goods, the bads, and the uglies of Dillard’s world, readers can’t help but sympathize with, cheer for, and laugh out loud at a man, who is trying his best to find the most stable path from boy to man.  Written like a novel and presented in bite-sized chapters, Lemonade is indeed a page-turner.

Through vulnerability and candor, Dillard exposes wounds that he has held close to the vest over the years.  Using modern-day, pop-culture references and sidesplitting humor, he confronts serious issues that find themselves at the forefront of national discussion, including absentee fatherhood, drug addiction, and sexual abuse.  Lemonade also gives women a behind-the-scenes peek at the making of men like Dillard and sheds light on why some men struggle often when it comes to investing in relationships and making them work.

Simply put, Lemonade  is a story about the youth of today and their struggle to become the successful men and women of tomorrow.

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