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the scholar

Professor Dillard takes pride in teaching mathematics and statistics.  He primarily teaches courses that equip students with the technical background needed to become major players in business and industry.  Second, his passions lie with raising the level of financial literacy among students as well as colleagues.


His scholarship bridges the gap between statistical theory and its practical applications.  His teaching style employs and unusual type of humor to disarm students’ nervousness about math and reduce their own sense of math anxiety.  One of his key missions is to help all students realize that there is a mathematician that lies inside of all of us.

Teaching Videos
Articles and Reviews

A Review of The Improbability Principle: Why Coincidences, Miracles, and Rare Events Happen Every Day

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The Glass Is Still Half Full: On Maintaining Positive Perspectives

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Wavelet-Based Monitoring for Disease Outbreaks and Bioterrorism: Methods and Challenges

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Hey, Who Turned Off the Lights?

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The Cutting-Stock Approach to Bin Packing: Theory and Experiments

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Professor Dillard is the co-author of Elementary Statistics (4th edition), an introductory-level textbook for college students (to be released in January 2016).  It is available here:

Sample of Topics





Time Series


Chi square


Hypothesis Testing


Confidence Intervals

Coming Soon …

Consider the following questions:


    1. How much more money will you have if you start saving for retirement in your 20s as opposed to your 30s?
    2. Is it always better to buy a house than to rent?
    3. How much of your income should be used for transportation?
    4. What are a few legal ways you can lower the amount you owe in federal taxes?


Be prepared to find out answers to these and other questions in Dillard’s upcoming textbook that will promote financial literacy among college students.

The name of the textbook is called … (drumroll please) …. sorry, you’ll have to stay tuned!!!!